May 1st 2011 - Annual Season Kickoff BBQ

It's that time of year again guys!
Get your grill on with us and celebrate the turn of weather; and the start of the season events.

Typically we hold this in March before all events, but we want to wait out for some kick-ass weather.

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May 22 2011 - Winged Warrior VII

Welcome to Winged Warrior Performance Challenge & Car Show!

The Performance Challenge is organized into two teams - Team Import vs. Team USA. Our competitors all have varied backgrounds and even more varied cars. From race prepped to stock, all types of cars are eligible.

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June 10-11 2011 - dSo Meet (North Carolina Trip #1 [Dragon run])

For those of you who dont know what "the dragon" is, its just pure sex.

This is by FAR one of the most amazing roads to drive on in north america. Its 11 miles holds 318 curves of bliss. It goes from NC to TN. Its out in the middle of nowhere so there are trees as far as you can see.

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July 23-24 2011 - WMHM (Michigan Trip)

The best season event hands down!

WMHM is a lapping day and automotive meet. It is your chance to get your car on the track and see how it performs in a safe and controlled environment. Gingerman Raceway is one of the safest tracks in the country with plenty of runoff room, so you can push your skills to the limit without worry of obstacles like trees, guardrails, or tire walls.

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July 29-31 2011 - MATG XV (North Carolina Trip #2 [Dragon run])

Tail of the Dragon run with the Miata guys

Come and join the largest annual gathering of Miatas in the country! There will be vendors, free food, beer swaps, drives to area attractions (both natural and man-made), and of course... great roads, great people and great cars! You'll see Miatas in every state of transformation, from bone stock to barely resembling the original vehicle. If you ever wanted to know if something could be done to a Miata, you'll probably see it here!

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93-97 Honda Del Sol Carbon Fiber Vent Delete / Gauge Pod

$85.00 Shipped anywhere in the US48.
Option: 2 gauge holes or 3 gauge holes

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92-00 Honda Front Carbon Splitter

Under Development...

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We're still looking for feature cars...


We're still looking for feature cars...